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  1. Consolidated Passed 220-701/702 Combo Topic (CompTIA Security+) DO NOT REQUEST DUMPS, WHICH VERSION, OR REPLY TO THEM HERE. SUCH POSTS WILL BE DELETED , YOU CAN FIND ALL THE DUMPS RELATED TO THIS EXAM HERE [Hidden Content] Moderator's Note: Following details are recommended to post: 1. Material used (including which dump version you used ), examples include: Books from CompTIA Press or gtslearning, Videos, Classes you attended, Instructors or Mentors,mocs etc. 2. Learning Plan (your own story) 3. Suggestions for members Additionally, you may add following details to your post: 1. That you've passed (successfully or unsuccessfully) 2. Your score (example may look like this: 700/1000) 3. The time you had been given for the exam (not the time you personally took to pass it!) 4. Number of questions 5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice) 6. Your personal exam experience Your posts must not include: 1. Requests and offers of any kind 2. Unnecessary comments like: "Thanks", "Congrats", and similar 3. Quotes of other members. (We want your own story.) Violators: 1. Violations will be given warnings. 2. Three strikes and you will not be allowed to post here for 7-days. Good Luck with studying and don't forget : YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS THE MOST VALUABLE POWER YOU POSSESS!!!. Hey! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in this forum...so much good information on the certification process. I passed both the 220-701 & 22-702 yesterday (got an 855 on the 220-701 and an 845 on the 220-702)! They were both easier than the practice tests I tried. The Essentials test went well; but when I went to do the Practical Application test the computer crashed a few questions in with a clock sync error. I then proceeded to attempt the test on two other PCs which all had the same error after a couple questions. I walked one of the testing proctors through how to test/fix their control PC (I didn't want to touch it for fear of being accused of cheating when I took the test). Then the test proctor logged me into one of the testing computers I fixed it (a problem with connecting to the network). Never thought that I would be getting such a "practical application" test. Go figure
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