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  1. Could you share the your file. so we can check. and update you
  2. Table of Cotents Module 1: Network Programmability Basics Lesson 1.1 - Overview of SDN Lesson 1.2 - Comparing the Cisco APIC and APIC-EM Lesson 1.3 - Network Programmability Example Lesson 1.4 - JSON Formatting Lesson 1.5 - XML Formatting Lesson 1.6 - YANG Data Modeling Lesson 1.7 - GitHub Module 2: Python Programming Lesson 2.1 - Installing Python Lesson 2.2 - The Interactive Interpreter Lesson 2.3 - Data Types Lesson 2.4 - Data Type Conversions Lesson 2.5 - Lists Lesson 2.6 - Dictionaries Lesson 2.7 - User Input Lesson 2.8 - The IF Function Lesson 2.9 - Loops Lesson 2.10 - File Access Module 3: APIC-EM Programming Lesson 3.1 - APIC-EM Applications Lesson 3.2 - Python Program - Getting a Service Ticket Lesson 3.3 - Python Program - Getting User Information Lesson 3.4 - Python Program - Getting Host Information Module 4: APIC Programming Lesson 4.1 - The 3 APIC Configuration Interfaces Lesson 4.2 - API Overview Lesson 4.3 - Building a Sample Script Lesson 4.4 - Domain Creation: Postman Lesson 4.5 - Domain Creation: Python Module 5: CLI Programming Lesson 5.1 - Telnet Configuration with telnetlib Lesson 5.2 - Telnet Configuration with telnetlib and an External File Lesson 5.3 - SSH Configuration with Paramiko Lesson 5.4 - SSH Configuration with Netmiko Lesson 5.5 - NETCONF Configuration it's complete till Lesson 4.2 - API Overview , after that its missing., if any one have complete please update. thank you
  3. engi888


    This year 591lab we used to pass the CCIE SP labs, other vendors were claiming lot of things and using scare tactics. During the study periods, i ignored the white noises, disturbances and just focus on their study materials. Outside in different study groups- most of them high school students with no job-experience creating problems, confusions and commotion, i just pay to a good vendor and focus on the lab practices to pass the exams.
  4. I think all the china company under 591LAB- ielab, spoto all same known 591lab.
  5. Cannot agree more, we Indians tend to prefer DUMPING. However i saw lot of my American colleagues going 5-6 times without dumps, relying on study forums and group study of like minded people. It is a long time process and a big investments of time and savings. For subcontinent people it is difficult to invest one time, let alone 5-6 times on lab attempts. I have relied UPON mostly on chinese vendors mostly 591Lab; they seems to have SPOTO and IELAB brands in China. I think they are all under 591LAB brand schemes.
  6. Dear All Member Now the Christmas Month is start so i would like to start new thread for all people who is going on CCIE RnS Written, It's good for everyone who wanna become a CCIE R&S certified. I hope you enjoy this. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Dear All member i have one latest update for all members of this group , could you solve this question pls [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Yes, true. Most of CertCollection buddies i know now all switched to 591LAB. Hands down, they are good no doubt about it. Hope continue like this until i am done with cisco
  9. Most recently, I did my preparations on two exams with 591RH. Will take full rest, then onto RHCA, will share experience of 5-exams for sure. You may consult them [Hidden Content]
  10. Based about my limited experience dealing with China vendors, ielab.network has poor reputation, quite unknown brand i think in their country. Spoto or 591LAB is pretty famous brands i heard from our China colleagues. I'm from India, but using these brands for one, two year now.
  11. Case in point, your conscious and the inner voice- the guilt trip. Promises of riches and fortune is a far-cry. Whatever paths you have taken- one day will pay huge price. Again advise to study first, before JUMPING on 591LAB or SPOTO. I have used their services due to company requirements for GOLD-PARTNER. End of day, experience and sweat out everyday on learning various technologies that are touching our networks is the key.
  12. Million dollar advise. That is how I learned watching INE videos 300 hours from CCNA-CCNP-CCIE, watching and repeating videos, countless hours spent on lab set up. Unfortunately now is not the case in India, where vendor promise riches and fortunes after CCIE to secondary student and freshers in our local universities. No field experience, no structured, disciplined learning, and never seen a switch or hardware data-center equipment in their life. Very grim story in my city- where employers afraid to hire CCIE certs.
  13. engi888

    JNCIE Vendors

    We purchased from them last year, Chinese rude, cunning businessman, purchase from ccie4career. Advise is Better go to source. Avoid at all costs. The behavior rude, bad mouth. And non-technical guys,. Copy, paste solutions
  14. Great share, thank you. Was looking to brush up knowledge on CCNA security and CCNP Tshoot. EVE-NG is great way to learn/practicing technology. Our company using 591 Lab review materials for a very long time, didn't knew they had this EVE-NG resources. Great share AGAIN!
  15. We are cisco gold-partnerships. Company needing to pass exams quickly. We all purchased 4 papers and cleared under two-weeks. Very effective if you are under company manager pressure, just find the 591 lab ppl. [Hidden Content]
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