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  1. I apologize for the rapidgator links, but, I don't have good Internet connection (2 Mbps! ), neither account in other services... Please, don't blame me, without know the personal facts... Anyway, I reup the links... Someone could up the course to another service... [Hidden Content]
  2. FOR526: Advanced Memory Forensics & Threat Detection Evolving Evasion Capabilities Foil Traditional Forensics System memory is today's battleground for host integrity. Novel defense evasion and bypass techniques seen in modern malware continue to outpace host protections and ensure few artifacts are left behind for examiners to piece together. Hunters must have an understanding of OS memory internals in order to detect and analyze adversary behavior. FOR526: Advanced Memory Forensics and Threat Detection has advanced the investigative skills of hundreds of seasoned security professionals over the years, instilling critical knowledge of operating system internals with the practical application of memory acquisition and analysis skills. We are proud to have served in training some of the most skilled technicians in the field today. [Hidden Content]
  3. Unfortunately, the resource is down now... Anyone can upload it to another site? Thanks...
  4. Thanks a lot... But, I tried to open "FOR500 - Windows Forensic Analysis.rar", in the "SANS - FOR 500 - Windows Forensic Analysis 2017" directory. Ask for a password... Do you know the password? Thanks in advance...
  5. You can download this files in: [Hidden Content] DO NOT hide public access links. Hide tags are ONLY meant to hide Download links.
  6. Could anyone reup this please!!! Thanks
  7. Hi, If someone need this course pdfs... Credits to the original uploader... [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. @nimbur Are you a SANS Employee???
  9. hi, the links are dead.. please, could you reup? Thanks in advance!!!
  10. The link is dead! Please, could you reup it!!! Thanks.
  11. The pdf's are not working...
  12. Please, could your reup the pdfs??? There are not accesible anymore... Thanks!
  13. Hi, Please, could someone reup this links? Thanks...
  14. Please, if it is possible to reup the link!!! Thanks...
  15. Hi, Please, could you reup this video (12th)? Thanks in advance..
  16. Could you please provide the link? Thanks in advance.
  17. Please. I'm still interested.
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