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  1. I know it was uploaded here once but links are no longer working, anyone still has it?
  2. I was hoping if someone has USB files that come with SANS FOR508 / FOR500, can anyone share them?
  3. this is the VM used in SEC503 only, no PDF no Mp3 or anything else.
  4. I'm seeing videos from 001 until 058 then from 138 to 162. does that mean videos from 058 to 138 are missing? the total doesnt add up to 138 either way (its 82 now)
  5. any training for Snort or Suricata IDS/IPS programs.
  6. this was the same way I got it, and there are no other mirror links. so tough luck.
  7. [Hidden Content] someone has shared this before on here, the upload is not mine.
  8. I'd appreciate it if anyone with a copy of the windows internals 3 part (I, II and II) series videos can upload them.
  9. nice, this goes very well with the 504 mp3 files 2015, what changes could there be between 2015 and 2016 material.
  10. still usb folder 'ctf' has zipped files with passwords, no one found it yet.
  11. ctf folder has several zipped files with passwords
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