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  1. Please share, the mega links are no long valid.
  2. mega link not valid. someone kindly reupload or share please. thank u
  3. link getting ERROR 404 msg. link is dead. kindly reupload and share. thanks
  4. Link is no longer valid. getting ERROR 404. kindly upload on new link (gdrive) and share. thankn you
  5. Gdrive folder is emply. kindly upload and reshare thanks
  6. anybody has the dumps for ITILv4. kindly share, thank you
  7. link is dead, kindly reupload and share , thanks
  8. can someone recommend type of hardware required for this community EVE-NG edition?
  9. Thank you Sir, I appreciate you taking the time out to help me with your knowledge. Many of the terminologies are still new to me as I am a fresher in COLLAB. I am studying courses from IPExpert VOD at the moment and starting from CCNA VOD and build up from them. Good luck to you.
  10. @YHADDI, I want to build collaboration lab (based on the pic you posted )at home. Please advise on the following: what are the requirements in terms of hardware to build the virtual Collaboration lab for CCIE and so that it will support all of the building blocks (components of the CCIE lab) eg: CUCM, UCCX, vCUBE, Expressway , routers, switches, firewalls, DMZ, Cisco IP phones , jabber Which emulator platform do u recommend or use (EVE-NG, or VIRL or GNS3)? How much will it cost in dollars? you help is greatly appreciated.
  11. @R2013 thank you for the generous share. Can you please share the Cisco SD-WAN from cisco or other training vendors? thank you again.
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