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  1. awae pdf and videos 2019 , PWK and waptx 2020 shared many time here
  2. Sorry No, FOR498 has been deleted while I am downloading it and i cant contact the owner
  3. i share 572 PDF just search on the forum about vod i will share it
  4. can u share again with Best Quality ?
  5. yes this course that was in folder before deleted and the link take down the folder contain courses sans 2020 and 2019 i will share the videos Later Bro
  6. Sorry i have only 2016 and if you can get AWE or CTP new version i will be appreciate you.
  7. Hi guys if you have PTX v2 or any advanced course Like AWE or CTP new version share with the community for helping people to increase their knowledge the Knowledge Must Be Free. [@Dzinosky_] - Morocco [hide][Hidden Content]] pass: 747crew ------------ 572 VOD coming soon ------------
  8. Hhhhh when i have a fast speed conx i will re-Uplade Now Just Image that i can share Lol
  9. FOR572 has 130 GB was deleted FOR498 also deleted
  10. yeaah i see the new Link someone must download all this and make torrent
  11. i download 572 PDF and VOD but FOR498 when i download it a msg apear that violation and was deleted
  12. i have the Link a week ago but i lose my connection with the original uploader
  13. Yeaah there are course 2020 and 2019 Bro
  14. there is a new topic with new Link shared
  15. ur welcome i will try Bro re upload it i have slow connexion so be patient
  16. i have 414 just PDF but 573 i will share vod and pdf
  17. i will try to share this course
  18. i will try re upload 450 pdf and vod and also 530 but only pdf
  19. i will try to re-upload this course bro
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