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  1. Please how do you run the cat 9800-CL on EVE-NG? Anyone tried it yet?
  2. Hi, Please does anyone have the study guide for CWDP-303?
  3. Passed with 9xx. Read Integrated Securities and Technologies Vol 1 and the SAM 140Q. Like @leocf8585 , you need make sure you cross check as many things as possible. Later will share my notes.
  4. This is still very valid as of today
  5. For the purpose of reachability, it does not really matter if you Lo0 as passive or not. My advice is to leave R1 Lo0 as configured, and do not configure R8-10 Lo0 as passive
  6. Ejikman

    Diagrams in Lab

    Open the putty sessions as you go along. The machines are WinXP. Set windows to group similar items. You can do this by right clicking on your task bar, and going to properties i think. I fired up my old Windows XP laptop to try this out with several putty sessions running to give me a feel of what i looks like.
  7. Personally, i think you might have missed some of the troubleshooting task, and those cost you the marks. On my study whiteboard, i had Interface --- check ipv4/ipv6 address/mask (including Loopbacks!) Protocol --- check routing protocol config Neighbour --- check protocol neighbourship e.g sh ip ospf nei, sh clns nei, sh ip ospf int br for mpls, on all the IOS i do conf t mpls ldp router lo0 for end wr sh mpls int sh mpls ldp nei For PIM sh run | in rp|bsr|mul or sh run | in "rp|bsr|mul" (for IOS-XR). This will help you catch all rp/bsr configured either in core or vrf. also do sh ip pim int; sh ip pim vrf ABC int ( for XR just remote the IP) sh ip pim nei; sh ip pim vrf ABC nei
  8. On the task before this, you would have had to configure R7 and R8 as RP's for AS 9 and AS 1009 respectively. When you did this task, did you ensure you could ping WITHIN both AS's first? Does it work consistently? One trick in the lab is to ALWAYS verify EVERY task IMMEDIATELY after doing it. The worst thing that can happen is to have done multiple task without verification and then have some problems down the line
  9. The ASBR's are also VPNv4 or VPNv6 RR's in this scenario so, there is technically no need to disable the route target filter default behavoiur, because it wont be in operation anyway. If your ASBR's are NOT VPNv4/6 RR's too, then you'll need disable the default route target filter behavior
  10. technically, i do not see why R2,R7 should be RR clients of one another. The required redundancy would still be achieved with them being iBGP clients to themselves and RR to R3-R6. SAme thing for R1,R8. Do not worry about the default route to R20. As far as i know there is no requirement for R20 to have the full IPv4/IPv6 table from AS1009. If they want to the full table, they will ask for it.
  11. @ paulno1, Please can i get the VM?
  12. Forget the CERT solution. Cisco is right, it will NOT work. Your Pseudowire will be up and mpls oam pings will work, but there will be no VPLS traffic. I had the same issue on the rack rental i used
  13. Thanks guys. I'll just leave it as is
  14. Guys, For the PPP segments, like R10 to R20 (V3.2), do we have to do a "no peer neighbor-route" command? or do i just leave the host peer route created by PPP?
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