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  1. sign up your free dropgalaxy account,after which you can download >1GB file
  2. Many slots available in Mar for India/Bangalore,HK and Dubai today at time 2200H GMT+8
  3. Do keep look out for other locations soon.(:
  4. Many slots available in Mar for India/Bangalore,HK and Dubai today at time 2200H GMT+8
  5. The url bottom has comments :We will update here ASAP. Please note the new exam dates have not yet been published in the tool.This notice is meant as a general announcement in order to get the word out ASAP regarding this critical situation. All Cisco and CLN pages will be updated/are being updated ASAP. Thank you for your patience as the team continues to respond to this significant and evolving situation.
  6. Recent passed >850 . CCIE SP written 174Q passed 4 Nov 2019 PDF[Hidden Content] Do verify the answers if you wish to have higher score (: Regards to cisco.pass4sure.400-201.v2020-01-14.by.said.187q .7z, which i find some error answers : There is free vce to pdf conversion online which take approx 12 hr to deliver to your email address if you wish to convert [Hidden Content]
  7. Many Lots Available Oct-Dec in Brussel as we speak
  8. Count me in. Do PM to be part of the group. Thank you and Happy New Year to all.
  9. ABCDI (AI,Blockchain,Cloud, Data/Big Data,IOT) are probably technologies can focus on
  10. If that is correct amendment, it probably be perfect score 1000/1000 (:
  11. Pass more than 950 when follow argentina dump 134Q(110MCQ + 24 Drag Drop). 1 old question: PHB close to IP precedence ,answer should be CS 2 new questions: EoMPLS support which mode :QinQ,vlan,access,trunk,etc? Which port mode is independent when migrate to RSTP rapid convergence : root port/designated port/stp port edge/bpdu filter /bpduguard,etc? Based on past trend ,major exam question change after every 2 month window. Probably this dump may last before Dec with some/few questions add-on along the way eg. Aug-Sep,Oct-Nov Good to research on those question with detail understanding and study exam blueprint to be pass proof e.g. when major questions change Thank you to Argentina and ALL (:
  12. We are sorry if you don't have eyes, but it is written there "Looking forward for others to contribute"
  13. spine /leaf are Nexus 9k i assume CCIE Data Center Lab Exam v2.0 - Lab Equipment and Software [Hidden Content]
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