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  1. Can anyone cook up a VMware vRealize suite enterprise license that would work with vRealize Business for Cloud, preferably with no expiration? ~Thanks
  2. Can I get AIR-CTVM-K9-8-5-151-0.aes please. Cisco vWLC torrent does not work Thanks
  3. once again.... here are the keys [Hidden Content]
  4. NSX License will work [Hidden Content]
  5. [Hidden Content] This is a key for vROPS
  6. It's a VMware vSphere with Operations Management 6 Enterprise Plus which works in vSphere and vRealize Operations Manager
  7. kinda sick of posting some of these like the NSX key. Please, people, some of these have been put in this thread multiple times already... [Hidden Content]
  8. can i get a re-up of identity-manager- please and thanks
  9. can we also get identity-manager- if anyone has a copy, please
  10. I really wish someone would pin this license to the front page so people will stop asking for it. Literally, it's on every single NSX share page [Hidden Content]
  11. Does Someone have vRealize Log Insight 4.7? VMware-vRealize-Log-Insight-4.7.0-9983377_OVF10.ova VMware-vRealize-Log-Insight-4.7.0-9983377.pak Thanks
  12. License if anyone need's it, I'll post a new one when this one expires expiry: 12/31/19 vCloud Director 9.x License [Hidden Content] P.S. Thanks Mesagio!
  13. even if we don't have permanent keys, we still can use HOL licenses, just grab new ones every January. And I wanna try the vcloud director OVA
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