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  1. voix


    Hello ruzcastroj, Did you do this exam?
  2. Please share. I am also looking for the same.
  3. Dear All, I would like to start a thread to discuss the real world design and deployment challenges of Cisco Expressway. I will be starting with the first one: Scenario 1: I need to set up the Cisco MRA with Cisco CMS Proxy for external access. I will have two different domains. One for internal and one for external. The internal domain will internaldomain.com and the external will externaldomain.com. My users are hosted in an AD domain (internaldomain.com) and will be using the same credentials to log in to the jabber from the external network (the Internet). I have a public DNS zone only for externaldomain.com and internally I will be having DNS zone for both the domains. My CUCM and IMP having FQDN in internaldomain.com. My question is that: 1) Do we need to create the _cisco-uds._tcp SRV records both internal and external domains (in the internal DNS servers)? 2) What it should be the FQDN for both Expressway C and Expressway E? Should it be part of the internal domain? Or an external domain? 3) What needs to be included in the CSR of both Expressway C and Expressway E? 4) The Cisco Meeting Server external URL is currently set to conf.internaldomain.com. It needs to be changed to conf.externaldomain.com. Right?
  4. Dear All, The attached is the dump for NSE 5 FAZ 6.2. Using this I could pass the exam in a minor margine. Please have look at RAID and FAZ Operations feature before scheduling the EXAM. NSE5_FAZ-6.2.pdf
  5. Dear All, Please share valid CLCOR dump
  6. voix


    Dear all, Please share any materials to prepare for VCAP6-NV Deploy (3V0-643). Thank You
  7. Dears, Please share the valid dumps for NSE5 Fortimanager 6.2 and ForiAnalyzer 6.2. Thank You All MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. REQ prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
  8. Dear All, I am looking for any useful material to study the Skype for Business Server deployment from the basic. Any video tutorial or pdf books is greatly appreciated Thank you
  9. Hi All, Please share a valid 500-490 dumps.
  10. Hi All, Kindly share Pluralsight Core Administration – Skype for Business Server. Thank You
  11. I have the following installed before using this script: 1) Centos 7 2) MySQL 5.7 3) Python 3.4 4) Watchdog module installed using pip (for watching changes in the file system) 5) Shutil module installed using pip (to od file operations, copy, move, rename, etc..) 6) MySQL Connector Module installed using pip (to connect to and work with MySQL) 7) Chrooted SFTP in CentOS. I have already created a Database (say Cisco) in MySQL which contains a table (initially) to load all entries in the CDR file. I will use another table(s) as required to update the information. Important: I have created the systemctl scrip to start the script as a service. Due to time limitations, I have just given you the major things. If you need the detailed step, please reply.
  12. Below is a script which I used to parse CUCM CDR data to MySQL DB automatically. [Hidden Content]
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