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  1. Goofee, please PM me your skype ID
  2. This is a good question to bring up, I would certainly say being a CCIE is valued. But there are institutes who charge some money and train the candidate only for the exam. Sad fact is that candidates from those type of institutes can be easily spotted in an interview and neglected, a candidate who spent worthwhile time in studying and really did self-study and cleared the exam will always find it easy to crack the interview (self experience). It all depends on you, i you are a CCIE you won't be having companies standing in queue to offer you big paycheck jobs. You will get calls for interview but if you are not up to it, you are just having a fancy number next to you which is useless.
  3. In OTV question was ospf network point-to-point configured in the link between DC1-N7K-1 and DC1-N7K-3 as well as DC2-N7K-1 and DC2-N7K-3
  4. Should failover be enabled for VNIC template in Lab-3
  5. Added all who requested so far
  6. Thank You certdccie, did you clear the exam using that.
  7. Should we use NPV Traffic map in Section 2.
  8. added all who PM'd the Skype ID
  9. What is the question for the Lab 3 SPT, BIOS + IPMI or VMedia. Also, please share the solution.
  10. Please PM me your Skype ID, I will add to the group
  11. Team, Am putting together a Skype group for May and June Lab Exam Takers. Send a PM Thanks, Do not post skype ids below as it is against the forum rules.
  12. Should we configure NPV Traffic-map on 2.6
  13. CCIEPrime

    Pass DC - today

    Should we configure NPV Traffic-map on 2.6
  14. CCIEPrime

    Pass DC - today

    Thanks for your help.
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