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  1. going to register for the exam this week , anyone who have given the test recently and confirm if the dumps are still valid
  2. any one ... im going to register for the exam this week
  3. Thanks ... planning to give it in next month ... i hope it stays valid
  4. On one system i get an Error "Failed to Start the Node " or another system the node starts and then stops and i am following the same procedure on both the PC's ..... i have been trying this for over 20 days now can anyone hear would be kind enough to help me out via teamviewer or any other means possible . Thanks
  5. deleted the old vm and started again same issue .... i did generate the license and placed in the iourc file and the CPU ,RAM is set to 6gb and 4xcpu
  6. Same issue .... it just starts for a sec and then stops. the license is fine as i am able to logon to the Router through the UNL CLI
  7. IOL starts and then stops on the Webgui but i am able to run the IOL successfully through the UNL VM ... can anybody please help me on this one
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