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  1. why don't you take advantage of the free access to vmware learning zone? [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. does anyone have HCX license? or dlft product hash
  3. do we have questions for the design exam?
  4. also interested...any help would be much appreciated
  5. I have the same experience with the videos, probably low frame rate, but still just watchable.
  6. i have experienced the same in gns3, the images are very slow. I will stick with IOL for now.
  7. It has core BGP but this one is BGP deep dive, but thanks for sharing the link...needed that one as well.
  8. Hi, Please share BGP Deep dive. [Hidden Content]
  9. Hello All, It looks like virl 2.0 is finally out - [Hidden Content] - as Cisco Modelling Labs 2.0. Does any have access to have share the latest images? Many thanks.
  10. do we have a list of the product hashes?
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