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  1. So, in AWS, Palo alto offers hourly instance. You pay for hourly usage for both AWS EC2 and Palo Alto, the good thing is you have 2 weeks trial. You pay per usage after that. It's $1.28 per hour + AWS charges. Here is the deal, you can' get a better option then that. If you buy a Palo Firewall of ebay, you will never get a licensed firewall. To buy a Palo it costs an arm and a leg. AWS instance you pay for what you use. You can practice a lot of things on AWS and the rest on UNL.
  2. Correc Correct, that's why you use AWS which is fully featured (layer 3 mode only) There are many scenarios you can do with UNL, I am showing the UNL scenarios as well.
  3. I am showing you how to practice using AWS instance and Unetlab. The lectures show you in depth topics to cover PCNSE exam and real life scenarios. The course will be way more then 115 lectures. I am adding topics consistently and my goal is to cover all PCNSE topics in the depth required for you to understand and pass the exam with confidence... Happy learning
  4. You will need to practice using AWS hourly instance and / or unetlab. I am showing you how to build your AWS environment to practive. I am explaining the topics in detail for PCNSE prep.
  5. Yes, it's for $10.. The lowest price I can offer. That's 18 hours of lecture for $10, you pay it once and you get all the updates.
  6. Hello, I am using Unetlab and AWS to show you how to practice for PCNSE and cover topics in depth required for PCNSE exam. Thanks
  7. Hello, I am showing you configuration scenarios to understand each of the topics. I am also showing you how to use AWS to practice as well as Unetlab. The scenarios use Unetlab. Thanks
  8. This class covers many of the topics for the PCNSE exam. I am offering the class for this group for $10 - 18 hours of content and expanding [Hidden Content] The following topics are covered Show you how to create your own test environment to practice for the test - You can't pass the test without practicing Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Deployment Methods Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Security Policies Understand Palo Alto Firewalls NAT configuration Understand Palo Alto Firewalls Network Configuration Understand User ID Integration Configure user ID integration using User ID Agent Configure Captive Portal to authenticate users Understand the difference betwen NAT Source, Destination, UTurn NAt Understand security zones and traffic processing in PaloAlto Firewalls Understand the packet flow through the PaloAlto Firewalls Understand Threat Prevention capabilities of the PaloAlto Firewalls Understand AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, IPS configuration Understand AntiySpyware and DNS Sinkholing Configure AntiSpyware, Antivirus and IPS Understand PaloAlto firewall AntiSpyware policy using example configuration Understand how to configure wildfire Understand how to configure Data Leakage Protection Configuring SSL Decryption Understand SSL Decryption Understand SSL decryption using a PaloAlto firewall SSL decryption example PaloAlto Firewalls U-turn NAT configuration example Understand the difference between Inbound and Outbound proxy Understand the concept of Virtual Routers Configuration of BGP and OSPF example Configuration of multiple ISP with different failover scenarios Configuration of policy based forwarding using different scenarios Configure VPN IPSEc L2L tunnel on Paloato Firewall with different scenarios Understand and Configure High Availability Active / Passive Understand and Configure High Availability Active / Active with Floating IP Arp load sharing Understand and Configure IPv6 on PaloAlto Firewalls Understand and Configure IPv6 NPTv6, NAT 64 Understand Global Protect and how to deploy it More topics to come
  9. Never mind. the answer D, E and F are correct
  10. Which three statements are true for a network with 10 switches and 126 segments? (Choose three.) A. It has 10 designated ports. B. It has 63 designated ports. C. It has 10 root ports. D. It has 9 root ports. E. It has 126 designated ports. F. It has only one root bridge. I am sure of F and D but how would you know the number of designated ports without knowing the details on how switches are connected which trunk ports carry which vlans. etc.
  11. I agree - this makes sense. If the attacker convinces the sender that the Path MTU is larger - data will be lost. If the attacker convinces the sender that path MTU is smaller, it will cause slow down...
  12. Which two statements about Cisco Express Forwarding are true? (Choose two.) A. Cisco Express Forwarding tables contain reachability information and adjacency tables contain forwarding information. B. Cisco Express Forwarding tables contain forwarding information and adjacency tables contain reachability information. C. Changing MAC header rewrite strings requires cache validation. D. Adjacency tables and Cisco Express Forwarding tables can be built separately. E. Adjacency tables and Cisco Express Forwarding tables require packet process-switching. Answer: A,D - I say B and D not A and D
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