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  1. What is the problem with 511 2015? MP3 and pdf are pretty good even 2 years after.
  2. Hi Leedo! Could you please kindly share this cisco cert: [Hidden Content] Thanks
  3. To save your time openning this useless link: Once your Trail License is over You can Simply Wipe the Node and get grace Period Again will save a lot of time
  4. logical systems are not supported [Hidden Content]
  5. holodec


    Guys, I don`t understand why do you have any problem to boot this vqfx image. I just did it by using latest GNS3 version and qemu.
  6. holodec

    vMX beta

    So far Juniper didnt release version 14.2 with distributed configuration.
  7. holodec

    vMX beta

    Thanks man Slot 3 is Online спасибо
  8. holodec

    vMX beta

    Just a question, With RE and MPC separation is it possible to run more than 1 MPC instance? if yes how I change em1 interface IP on the second MPC instance? It appears to be hard coded and not configurable, once two different MPC instances running the same time they both lose connection to the RE.
  9. holodec

    vMX beta

    Thanks, it`s working
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