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  1. i72010

    MCT is Cleared!!

    As said "better late than never". My sincere congrats bro. I don't know how I missed this news.
  2. @ tehmer & kashif amir, please check under the Technical Experts section your role description and related information.
  3. i72010


    Eid Mubarak everyone. I wish you all success, good health and hapiness
  4. I agree with all of you on getting the lifetime cert the Network + before the end of this year just for the sake of having it. I got mine over 10 years ago and never was asked for it once CCNA was... In fact my A+ & Server+ poped up a pre requisite for most hardware certifications I had to take and now PDI+ is a pre for people who are seeking printer hardware certs for various vendors. All and all the more the merrier I guess. Cheers!!!
  5. My opinion at this point skip Network + and carry on with your Cisco certs. Good Luck!!!
  6. i72010

    German system

    What's this discussion is all about anyways??? Is anyone going to learn something here???
  7. An order that makes sense I'd say. Check the test requirements and content and build your order.
  8. As long as the links are different I don't see an issue.
  9. It is windows 7 companion now for xp mode feature.
  10. Joeeeee long time no see bro, how are you my friend?
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