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  1. it's not the most up-to-date, but better than nothing... [hide][Hidden Content]] enjoy SELinux Policy Administration!
  2. Jboss material: [hide][Hidden Content]] enjoy!
  3. here it comes: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] can anyone test the link please?
  4. abotaha: I have RH442-RHEL7 and RH442-RHEL6.2 how can I send you these?
  5. thank you for your valuable reply abotaha !!! i'm very interested on these ... can anybody tell if rhel 5 kernel development is too far from rhel 7? many differences? deprecated frameworks?
  6. Hello! I'm looking these material for some time, but none till now.... could anyone help? RHD361 Red Hat Linux Kernel Internals 1 RHD362 Red Hat Linux Kernel Internals 2 this material is focus on device drivers development and system programming on linux.... although there are good books like Linux Device Drivers from O'Reilly, this material from Red Hat got me interested by the summary and topics coverage. Anyone?
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