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  1. Thank, but how to register?
  2. vmx [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Thanks, danielcisco. Could you share link for lab 3.1 and 3.3? i couldn't find it on cc.
  4. It's the image out ready? i thought GA is after Q2 ?
  5. Hi Danielcisco, how many labs are there in security?
  6. This is known bug in XR 3.9.1 and issues is discussed here and ieoc . only three solutions 1. set RP with higher priority 2. change to static rp on XR 3. last one reload XR
  7. thinmin


    anyone has splunk course material. appreciate if you can share the course doc
  8. thinmin

    Cleared CCIE SP

    Congratulation! did you see XR3 traceback, after enabling console logging?
  9. thinmin

    retake policy

    i believe the rule is for same track. in order to take another track you still need written for that track
  10. Thanks. Any chance for NSX-MH?
  11. it isn't 6.1. But at least better than nothing. Don't ask me to upload. i just found it online [hide][Hidden Content]]
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