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  1. This does not work.. And i have tried.. The voucher only works for AZ-900, any other "Fundamental" level exam will not recognize the voucher.. I ended up with a spare voucher for the same AZ-900
  2. [Hidden Content] Exam will change by 09Nov2020 based on the official MS Azure website - take your exams as soon as possible.
  3. add prob. 1 or 2 more nic to emulate HA / LACP and go for the highest RAM possible...
  4. please invite me too. thanks chaps!
  5. where did you get those? What is your source?
  6. Any body have taken this recently?
  7. [Hidden Content] or you can go to your mobile phone's appstore to download.
  8. QUESTION 1 Which feature requires a network discovery policy on the Cisco Firepower Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System? A. security intelligence B. impact flags C. health monitoring D. URL filtering Answer as suggested by an exam taker is (A), which I think makes sense. I will go for A too.
  9. QUESTION 15 Which flaw does an attacker leverage when exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities? A. user input validation in a web page or web application B. Linux and Windows operating systems C. database D. web page images Strangely, the answer here is (c.) Database. as proven by one exam taker. But I will still go for User Input validation because C. is really against my conscience
  10. The file is just 60q, that can't be valid. even the 70q file can't be valid. the number of questions is just too low. Harden up your knowledge for now by studying every learning materials possible.. its way too risky.
  11. it is working. i was able to download.. though not sure yet if it will be unpacked. The zip file says Part3 so where could be parts 1 and 2?
  12. that is not enough. it is only 60q. its just a sample...
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