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  1. Any updated images for Citrix Hypervisor, Virtual App and Virtual Desktop?
  2. Looking for Panaroma in ova/ovf format in version 9 or 9.1. Also, how to use PA-VM with Panaroma. I can not use the serial 'unknown' with Panaroma. Purpose: PCNSE
  3. Sounds slightly similar to older version 2
  4. I tried to upload the .ova file on esxi. I activated the aci simulator however, I am not getting the portal online after inital APIC configuration in CLI (WebConsole) The IP I gave to out of band management is 10.XX.XX.66/24 with gateway 10.XX.XX.254 however, it's not reachable. I tried to deploy another version of ACI Simulator OVA but gained the same results however it works fine in vmware workstation Any help would be appreciated Note: I have configured the Port Group just like below: Allow promiscuous mode: Yes Allow forged transmits: Yes Allow MAC changes: Yes [EDIT]SOLVED: the ACI Simulator was in another VLAN and my client laptop was on another VLAN. Once I enable it to have same VLAN, it's working now
  5. Greetings, I am looking for VMWare Cloud Foundations OVA File.
  6. Anyone having VMware Cloud Foundations
  7. You both are right. I would say it's an ambiguity. Neither the question states only manage Site-B nor it says fully manage NSX Appliances.
  8. File is gone. Can any body reupload?
  9. mune3b


    Is group still active?
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