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  1. Also, I just passed, that guide is awesome , only like 3 new questions: - Sha256 , where you have to complete a bash script - About leaf with YANG, somehting like this LEAF initipv4: initipv6
  2. Nice guys, for the info. I read everything and postpone my exam 1 day. Tomorrow I will do it and for sure pass with the help of this forum. I will let you know about new questions.
  3. I studied the lab aprox 6 months and almost everyday I was spending like 4 hours or so to practice everything with more focus on the VPN section because it is the one that has more commands and you need to be really fast!!!. My speed I practiced it with notepad. With diagnostics 2, I meant to expect the same questions and answers but the answers sequence from Rahul guide do not match the exam, definitely here you need to analyze them very well but it is good if you are familiar with the answers so you know what to expect.
  4. My learning material is the one upload in this forum, search for that. Basically, I studied from the guide in this forum and at home I have some equipment that I used to practice. I did it in US and all of the mistakes in the diagnostic section were in ISE section, so focus a lot there confirming IP, conditions, results, etc, for python question check the error message.
  5. Hi everybody, I wanted to thank you the community for the amazing information that really helps to pass the exam and of course especially to rahulkashyap, These are the sections I got: 1- TS2 --- This one really exists and are the same questions provided in the forum so anaylze carefully because they are much easier than TS1 2- Diagnostic2, same questions as guide but totally different answers , be careful 3- Configuration 1 If you have any concerns let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, For the ones that have done the exam, do you disable all the probes in ISE? Thanks
  7. Hey kaijaz, so bad to read that but after you check Rahul's woorkbook can you share if you face the same TSHOOT, DIAG, and CONF. Thanks
  8. Got lab 7 in SJ and did not pass. ;(
  9. ventiz

    Lab 7

    Hi guys, I just did Lab7 and failed. I am looking for some help in some questions that I was able to make them work but I got them wrong and I don't know why. Also, I review the material that rahulkashyap uploaded previously but even though I follow the configuration steps in some of them and confirm that they were working I failed to get the points, so not sure what I missed. Hopefully someone would be able to give more ideas Section 2: The IPS and WSA were working according to the requirements but I got 64% and not pretty sure why the WSA could be wrong because the IPS is pretty forward. Section 4: I got 50% so assuming the 4.2 was wrong: 4.2 Only remove and apply the following to make it work but got cero points. no switchport port-security mac-address d48c.b557.8e82 switchport port-security mac-address <R6 G0/2 mac-address> Section 5: 0% 5.1 I did the configuration to match configure/-/aaa but got cero , so not sure what they are looking besides a good configuration. The question doesn't say how to test it so I added ip http server commands to Router 1 and the tests were successfully, after the test I remove the routes and configurations pointing to R1 because I asked the proctor about the way to test it but the proctor told me that they cannot tell me that information and that's it. 5.2 I applied below commands to make it work but also got cero points. ip source binding <mac address of R4 f0/0> vlan 12 interface Fa0/2 ip source binding <mac address of R5 f0/0> vlan 12 interface Fa0/3 5.3 For the ip verify unicast rx looks like drkhorse007007 was able to make it work in the lab. Section 6: 0% Here everything was working in terms of AAA but the issue was that I changed the route of SW2 pointing to backup interface to R6 and because of that I lost all of the points. Any insights are welcomed and thanks
  10. I think Async is used more for Serial-PPP connections , so if the port is an Ethernet then NAS-Port-Type=Ethernet should be used, also you can run debug radius during exam and verify what Port-Type the switch is sending. here is an output for Async so you can have a better idea: Jun 30 09:40:34: AAA/ACCT/DS0: channel=9, ds1=0, t3=0, slot=3, Jun 30 09:41:08: As1/44 PPP: Sent PAP LOGIN Request Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS/ENCODE(00000956):Orig. component type = PPP Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: Framed-Protocol [7] 6 PPP [1] Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: User-Name [1] 9 Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: User-Password [2] 18 * Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: NAS-Port [5] 6 260 Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: NAS-Port-Id [87] 20 "Async1/44*T1 3/0:9" Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: NAS-Port-Type [61] 6 Async [0] Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: Calling-Station-Id [31] 7 "async" Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: Connect-Info [77] 26 "50667/24000 V90/V44/LAP M" Jun 30 09:41:08: RADIUS: Service-Type [6] 6 Framed
  11. Hi rahulkashyap, In 2 weeks I'm planning to attempt my first CCIE lab and I found your doc, which is really amazing and THANKS A LOT !!!!!!!!!! for sharing it and I actually learn few details that I was not aware. I have 3 questions that I hope you can clarify them: 1.- Section 2.5 service network-access nat-address You are configuring the NAT IP because there is router or ASA doing NAT for IPS MGMT IP - 2.- Section 3.2 crypto map CMAP 10 ipsec-isakmp set connection xxx Why does the crypto map require the set connection command?? 3.- Section 6.1 application stop acs application start acs write memory Any time that you add a new Service Selection Rule, you need to reload the ACS? Again thanks a lot and I hope you can share information for Lab 8
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