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  1. Which two maintenance policy options can you use to specify when the cisco UCS manager deploys a service profile change? A. when acknowledged by any user B. when acknowledged by a user with root privileges C. on the next root D. when acknowledged by a user with administrator privilage E. immediately which one is correct: CE or DE [Hidden Content] The maintenance policy specifies how Cisco UCS Manager deploys the service profile changes. The deployment can occur in one of the following ways: Immediately When acknowledged by a user with administrator privileges Automatically at the time specified in a schedule On the next reboot or shutdown without waiting for the user acknowledgment or the timer scheduling option
  2. 1-You have a node in a decommissined. what could cause the issue? A-the node is in a transier state B-the node is unreachable c-the node was disabled by the user*** d-the node cannot join the fabric
  3. ...key not work......anyone can share the 300-175 dumps.....
  4. Fast delivery. A+++++++++++++++++++++. Recommended.
  5. interested ...plz ping me....
  6. murshid67

    300-175 DCUCI

    interested. 300-175 & 300-160....
  7. I need CCIE written voucher ....
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