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  1. Hey folks, I am new to the forum so be gentle... So, I am trying to get back into the computer field after working in a different industry. I have always worked with computers and have general networking experience..My goal is to work in the Cyber Security end of IT. Eventually! I have a training program that I am looking at that will include the following: CCNA Security+ ITIL (They will also prep me for Network + exam since a majority of it is covered in CCNA) The training is all on hands and will be paid for by a third party. I am not a fan of online classes or bootcamps for a week. After being out of the computer field for 10 years do you think this will be a good foundation? Will this be way over my head? Also, they are suggesting I take the Security + class first before the CCNA. Does this sound right? Any help or input would be great.
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