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  1. Also looking to take the exam soon, anyone has pass4sure
  2. Please can you add me.. taking in Nov
  3. You need to chat to a Cisco Engineer to generate the token to activate it. If you work for a Cisco partner or a client of Cisco it should not be a problem. Just ask your Cisco Account Manager to assist.
  4. Hi Congrats... Starting my prep now.. writing in Nov 2017 How long did you take to prepare for the lab.. was it your 1st attempt ? What did you use to prepare (online racks etc) How many hours a day did you spend studying ?
  5. Hi Congrats , did you use 138 Q from 15 March or 22 March
  6. B, E if asking for 2 options A,B,E if asking for 3 0ptions
  7. P{lease can someone post a torrent link . Thanks
  8. Hi Asasel, Thx for the great work I am new to using the IOU and just want to find out, Is this the only way to save the configs during a lab "sudo /usr/bin/filetool.sh -b" so that the next day i can start where i left off. Or is there some other commands i can use to save the Lab Thx.
  9. Hey also looking for it, checked everywhere but cant find it.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm desperately looking for the video. Please can someone upload to rapidshare or filesonic The centerpiece of this Lesson Module are three video on demand (VoD) instruction sessions on three new and very important topics introduced in the new Routing and Switching v4.0 Lab format: IPv6 multicasting Zone Based Firewalls Optimized Edge Routing/Performance Based Routing The split-screen format of each VoD module provides the powerful learning experience of shadowing a Cisco CCIE® who is configuring and explaining these technologies. This Lesson Module is also supplemented with a Spot the Issues quiz for each of these three technologies.
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