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  1. Hello Folk,s Hope you're fine. Do we had VCAP 6.5 OR 6.7 deploy dumps? Group buys or something like that? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hello, does anybody have VCP NV - NSX v- Exam? kindly share educational purpose plus may be for exam Thanks & Regards
  3. Hi, do you have VCAP 6.5 DCV?
  4. Wanted to share that I've created a Mega for all the materials and it gone immediately so hope you guys make your backups always and share it when someone asks I am updating the post everyday with zip files
  5. This is an updating post! ALL LinuxAcad Course materials, please make your copy Thanks to @Tupdare we made it in a very hard way so again please make your copy I will update the post today to contain EVERYTHING 1- [Hidden Content] 3- [Hidden Content] 4- [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello, if Mods allow me to post a new link for a new thread for the people this an updating post about it thanks to @Tupadre [Hidden Content]
  7. guys please Relax it's less than one day I am creating multiple copies mega,google drive and will provide a torrent file PLEASE PLEASE WAIT IT ALREADY DONE
  8. Relax guys I am making a copies for you on Google drive and mega
  9. I hope you're fine, anytime friend.These days I've a very High speed Internet connection so ASAP would be better and better.hope you're fine : ))
  10. I just did, now I want to message privately with somebody here and I am not allowed what shall I do we wanna collaborate to share materials for the community
  11. Hi folks, Hope you're doing well. I am searching for a good up and running N7k to run in inside GNS3 or EVE-ng till now I couldn't find a working one, so hope you can help me. thanks in advance
  12. Mods finally understood that I don't use double email accounts on the site now we need to communicate privately here and my account isn't allowed to do so since it's a new account you now know how we will communicate
  13. Mods can't understand that me and my brother have accounts on the site so they see that one person use double email account so they block us please my friend reach me via email I renewed my internet speed I can now download and upload and make torrents for 250 GB I think in 24 hrs maximum Emails are not allowed. Read the rules or get banned.
  14. I want to run the dump any one can share VCE program
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