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  1. Just checked, qBittorrent works fine. Try to add only the magnet part, then manually add trackers from here: [Hidden Content]
  2. Releasing my collection for public. This is an entire path "Analyzing Network Traffic with Wireshark", which includes all 10 currently available courses. [Hidden Content] This path focuses on the skills and knowledge required to analyze network traffic using Wireshark. You’ll begin with the basics of network packet analysis before delving into using wireshark to analyze, visualize, and troubleshoot networks. You’ll also be immersed in network protocol analysis and using Wireshark on the command line. One thing to note is that these courses and concepts are not just for Network Engineers. Wireshark is a valuable tool for software developers and sysadmins as well. By the end of this path, you’ll be confident in your ability to make full use of Wireshark’s capabilities. Magnet link here (don't be scared, added all known working torrent trackers) : [Hidden Content]
  3. Still no book in the wild. Please share when possible.
  4. Definitely this is not SANS, but in these small courses you may encounter something small which wasn't covered by "big players".
  5. Magnet: [Hidden Content] I have encoded the files with lower video bitrate, they are static presentations + voice anyway.
  6. Hi, people, There is a CyberSec First Responder course from ITPro.tv here, but I'm looking for the Career Academy's course. Any links: torrents, magnets, mega are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  7. They don't seem to be generating new content anyway. A lot of courses are 3-4 years old. Still good though.
  8. It is a 2 years old course (at least), it must be on torrent somewhere.
  9. Hi people! As you may know there are a lot of Computer Based Training (CBT) providers on the Internet nowadays. Known names are ITpro.tv, CBT Nuggets, Pluralsight, Lynda, INE, Career Academy etc. Udemy is a CBT storage platform, so they stand separately. You may have viewed different trainings for the same topic, for example, the CEH course from ITpro and CBT Nuggets so you may compare them side by side. Also you may have found common patterns (good or bad) in all particular provider's/author's courses. It would be great to hear cons and pros of all possible combinations. Thank you!
  10. [Hidden Content] And don't forget to send rays of diarrhea to those fake "copyright infringement reporters" who killed previous upload.
  11. This course doesn't teach you how to make a leet-super-stealth-k3yl0ggr if you expect this. Basically, it is a 15 years-old copy-paste text tutorial made in video format. TLDR: how to install a hook with injected DLL.
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