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  1. Hi jeffshong ! If you look at the start of this thread, I have mentioned that you need to skip this process otherwise it may fail and will not let you install. Hope that helps. Regards, Kashif Amir
  2. BY the look of it, it is an arp request. The ff ff ff ff ff ff (all 48 bits for destination) means it does not know anything about the destination mac (physical hardware) address. Hope that helps Kashif Amir
  3. Here are the answers to your questions ! 1. The reason to use Vmware Workstation 6.0 instead of Vmware Serever 2.0 is that I found Vmware Workstation 6.0 a little light on the resources of the computer (CPU, RAM etc). The choice is up to you to use either of the Vmware platforms. The procedure is almost identical. 2. The PC is able to ping the IP Addresses in subnet because I have populated the Vmnet1 (Vmware Host Only Interface visible in the computer control panel) with IP Address & subnet mask of and connected the GNS3 router interface f0/0 (having IP Address & subnet mask to the cloud mapped with Vmnet1. So now the connectivity between everthing inside GNS3 and Physical PC is established to Vmware CUCM7 (having IP Address & subnet mask Hope that helps. Regards, Kashif Amir
  4. Hi Friends ! Here is the video tutorial for installation of CUCM7 and initial setup which I mentioned in the few early posts: [Hidden Content] Hope that will be helpful. Regards, Kashif Amir
  5. Follow the thread from start. I have mentioned various different things. Also read posts by other users. You will find your desired info. Regards, Kashif Amir
  6. Have a look at this [Hidden Content] Hope that helps. Regards, Kashif Amir
  7. Yes it is possible to divide your lab in two portions (I did it by myself when I was not having a Core2duo Processor on my laptop with 4GB RAM). You can deploy your routers in one machine inside GNS and your call managers and other Windows XP clients on the second machine inside vmware. You need to use either a crossover cable or a switch to connect both NICs (indeed crossover cable is a much simpler solution). You can link your GNS to map to the cloud containing your physical NIC. Important: Be sure to design HQ router external interface, physical NIC on GNS machine, physical NIC on vmware machine and both CUCM7 servers (primary and secondary on the same subnet). Hope that will be helpful. Regards, Kashif Amir
  8. These are just to show the available connectivity between GNS and CUCM7. In reality: 1. These CUCM7s (Primary and Secondary) are installed inside Vmware (two virtual machines on the same PC which has GNS) and as they are on the same subnet ( so GNS can ping these servers as well. 2. HQ Router external interface is connected to the physical NIC of the PC which has an IP ( 3. I have defined the gateway for both CUCM7 as which is the router external interface. 4. Moreover on the router the static default route pointing towards has also been defined so that the traffic destined for CUCM7 received by HQ Router from Branch 1 and Branch 2 be forwarded to the connected NIC. Hope that will be helpful. Regards, Kashif Amir
  9. Here we go: [Hidden Content] Note: Change "xx" to "tt" in the above links. Sorry for the delayed response. Regards, Kashif Amir
  10. Hi jigzden ! I am based at Adelaide and have already passed 03 papers (CVoice, CIPT-1 & CIPT-2) and preparing for QoS and TUC. I am preparing my mind to take these exams by 28-Feb,2011 (before the expiry of current CCVP Track). By the way, what are your plans. What material are you reading. Regards, Kashif Amir
  11. Hi Syed Abbas ! You can choose both host only and bridged modes (the difference as below): In host only mode you have to connect the different Virutal Machines through some sort of router (you may use GNS3 for this purpose, that means you have to integrate your Vmware setup with GNS setup via clouds in GNS3) In Bridged mode you may connect your individual Virtual Machines directly and you can select which NIC to be used for bridging, it may be your physical adapter as well as your virtual vmware adapter. Hope that helps. Regards, Kashif Amir
  12. kashif amir

    Type of Girls

    Hi darklord ! That is indeed a nice joke mate. But what about the "computer" Will it be the mom of all above girls. Kashif Amir
  13. Hi firsttimer ! Although, I don't have the exact IOS image you require but you may try the following file. hxxp://www.4shared.com/file/hLeQyWj_/c3725-adventerprisek9-mz124-15.html It contains the IP service features in it and you may use it in GNS3 for CISCO Voice LABs. Hope that helps. Regards, Kashif Amir
  14. Hi Syed Abbas ! Although the links mentioned below are not exactly the IOS image you require, however to build a topology with 2600 platform in GNS3 you can still use them. You may also search the CC forum for the specific file. hxxp://www.4shared.com/file/nw8qoFJS/C2600-Advsecurityk9-Mz_20123-5.html hxxp://www.4shared.com/file/nTvjzLrp/c2600-i-mz123-22.html Hope that will be helpful. Regards, Kashif Amir
  15. Hi mody ! Due to financial crisis all across the globe, companies are now more careful in selecting different products for their business. As a matter of fact CISCO is losing its business in Edge routing market whereas maintaining its share in Core routing market. Source: hxxp://gigaom.com/2010/02/23/cisco-core-markets-competition/ As far as voice is concerned CISCO is facing a great challenge from Avaya, after their acquisition of Nortel enterprise solutions. Source: hxxp://www.asterisk-digium.com/infonetics-research-cisco-and-avaya-battle-for-supremacy-in-enterprise-telephony-market.html Analyst firms are also expecting 2011 to be very tough for IP Giant CISCO as well. Hence as a whole there will be more and more competition to get highly paid jobs in current year as more and more people are acquiring CISCO certifications. Source: hxxp://channelnomics.com/2010/12/22/cisco-looking-at-a-tough-2011-in-switching-routing/ Regards, Kashif Amir
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