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  1. Hey itmay8, Thank you much for sharing the Mega link, I have been breaking my head trying to understand GTM/DNS and found some guides here. I will give it a read and hopefully they should help me out. If u get a copy of GTM training, please do share it. I would much appreciate it. Again, Thank you.
  2. Thanks for sharing it mate but was late to download it. If anyone has downloaded, share a copy when u guys have the time. Thank you.
  3. Much appreciate your assistance, if u can share it again.
  4. [Hidden Content] I am not sure how long this will be available. Please make use of it at the earliest. All credits to sflameuss
  5. Hey Tadge, Thank you for sharing the files. I only require the missing Basic video series. Please help me out by providing access . Thanks
  6. My mistake. I failed to read your previous comment.
  7. Hey psureshp, Do u have the remaining videos?
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