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    Basic Linux

    Start with Linux Bible.
  2. This is the course that is packaged when you purchase Course + Exam from Linux Foundation for LFCS. This course, plus the free course on edx should be enough to pass.
  3. LF, Course Two Zero One Essentials of Sys... Perfect of LF CS certification. rar pwd is certcollection not a video course, just text. I'm looking for LF$2!1 (LF S Course two one one) now to complete LF CE. [Hidden Content]
  4. Hmm okay. So if that's the case you might want to try an end user OS initially just to get your feet wet. If that's the case you should probably start with Linux Mint. Once you're ready to start deep diving, investigate virtualization using KVM and you can start loading up other OSes underneath.
  5. How much experience do you have with Linux? Are you planning to pursue certifications? If so, which certification would you plan to pursue? You might want to stick with the family that you want to certify on. Check out the free Linux Foundation intro to Linux course on edx it might help you to get started.
  6. I double checked the password this morning. It seems fine. If it's not working, try a different rar program. My extraction works with 7zip 16.02 as well as winrar 5.01 (these are the versions I have installed to test with) Again, it is certcollection All lowercase, no special characters. I also verified the files play correctly. Note you can also rename to MP4 if you are having a problem with the playback.
  7. Mine was 7.0 in June (North America) but I heard they have moved to 7.1 in the UK and it might be expanding...
  8. Good job RazerS! I'm writing in the very near future... wish me luck
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