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  1. Looking for EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer | ECSP – JAVA Materials. Let me know if you have it.
  2. looking for SANS SEC760 - Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers 2017 PDF plus mp3.
  3. all he doing is taking SANS from others and share it by his own name. let's see he claims to have SANS SEC760 PDF+mp3 now we will see that he shares it or not. The real course which is His not shared by anyone on the net yet.
  4. i see 100 posts you asking others for SANS PDF or Audio. dont blv me check it your self. snoxoil2065 site:certcollection.org
  5. SANS SEC542 2016 was shared by Arun not snoxoil2065 here is the link [Hidden Content] and other were by johny314,akarta and others not this guy that you mentioning. i dont share the content which i have because of the policy of another forum where i got the materials from. It is making trouble for me there.
  6. as far as I know you, you were always asking others to share the SANS with you. you haven't shared ZERO.
  7. I need SANS SEC760 - Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers 2016 or 2017 is someone can help let me know. thanks
  8. Mod you can close this thread, i am not longer looking for SANS SEC660. bought it. thanks
  9. if you looking for updated version plz purchase it from website, thanks
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