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  1. Can any one provide this book. It will be very helpful. Regards,
  2. kkkn

    NSX 6.2

    @radnik12, the link seems to be dead, sorry for this late posting.. If you can redirect me to active one it will be very nice of you. Regards,
  3. Can some one provide the link for Vmware NSX 6.4.6 , once I had but misplaced it, Sorry for this fuss. Regards
  4. kkkn

    NSX 6.2

    Thank You, Will try this Regards
  5. kkkn

    NSX 6.2

    Dear Team, I am looking for NSX 6.2 or higher to install. Can somebody get me the link for the image. Your help will be very much appreciated. Regards,
  6. kkkn

    18.4R1 Junos

    I need this image badly, any help will be very much appreciated. Regards,
  7. kkkn

    18.4R1 Junos

    Dear Team, Can any body provide links for the Vmx download 18.4R1 Junos will be best or any other 18.x series will also do. Regards
  8. Can we get [Hidden Content] I think this guide will be perfect to prepare... Regards,
  9. kkkn

    JPR-960 JNCIE-SP

    Thanks guy for the responses. It seems the topology in exam is same as provided in Inetzero topology... only the task required will be different, correct me if I am wrong here. And also, noted is that many people have shared exam experiences for CCIE, where as I have not seen any for the JNCIE. I am wondering whether there is any skype study group you guys are familiar with. Regards,
  10. Dear All, Is there anything like ccie H1, H2, and H3 topology for JNCIE-SP, it seems that it is very hard to get the info about this exam. Regards,
  11. Need vMX image (17.1 or higher) .. can any body provide .. waiting desperately...
  12. kkkn

    vMX 17.1 R2 image

    Dear Team, Can any one provide vMX 17.1. R2 images for qemu or higher. I know Juniper provide the software but it says my login does not have privileged to download (only customer are allowed, correct me if I am wrong). I am trying to set up and have a look on automation using junos pyez library. It will be very much helpful if some body has working image. Thanks in advance.
  13. kkkn


    [Hidden Content]
  14. kkkn


    Dear All, Can anyone provide latest dump for the Arch exam... Thank You,
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