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  1. Hi toghrul Please add to a ccie rns skype study group...I am already a ccie dc and have been an avid contributer for ccie dc. i am preparing for my ccie R&S lab...need to join a good study group to discuss all the above topics and solutions...sending my skype id by PM to you. thanks!
  2. Passed. 3 new questions: 1. what automation tool is being used in the above snippet ? (screenshot of a url with query) ans. REST 2. how to prevent ISIS hellos from using maximum MTU of the link ? ans. disable ISIS hello padding 3. (diagram of 6 routers) what 3 options would you choose to test the primary path through which traffic is flowing ? ans.(in my opinion) ping with record option, traceroute, show ip route
  3. based on one guy feedback here, I guess written dump has changed...so did anyone pass in September ? Does anyone have september update ?
  4. Tell me which solution did you use and which racks (dot1q or cdl)? EDIT: you used PCL solution ? is it same as CDL solution? I will send you diag questions.
  5. PM me buddy, if you need help. I can help you quickly sort out your lab solutions...I even have UCSD licensed version if you want...
  6. Please share it buddy, we can all collaborate to help each other...
  7. Yup, whatever information is available, or lab experience like what we have to troubleshoot, the questions etc...
  8. Some people have ccie dc v2 lab 1 solution, I request anyone who has lab-1 solution or questions/answers/lab experience to share that kind of information here...
  9. The correct answer for this is D,E. B is only in case of microsegmentation.
  10. Q24, there is a misprint in the dumps, in actual exam, the option is "Allows Layer 3 multipathing in the FabricPath network" which is obviously incorrect. so the answer is correct in dump, (Provides built-in loop prevention and mitigation with no need to use the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)). As for the usNIC, the question itself is a little bit ambiguous...since it is imperative to install MPI library BEFORE usNIC config. But ring_c is a verification process AFTER config of usNIC, but not compulsory, as its just a verification. safe bet is to go with dump answer.
  11. @gokaykaya Yes I applied these corrections. If you dont believe me, google cisco documentation... @sunnypassionz Yes, you are correct. Except q54, I did not apply correction for this question in the actual exam, because I'm not sure about q54 correction. All other corrections are 1000% correct, be assured dont worry.
  12. Passed! with 9xx, Thanks Basha! 825/1000 is passing. Exam has 100q same as the dump, however many answers in that dump are wrong, so you get around 850-860. Apply these corrections and you will get 9xx. Corrections: Question 39: b Question 54: b,d Question 56: c Question 62: a,d Question 69: c,d Question 71: d,e Question 83: e
  13. Password is specified just above the download link, in bold.
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