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  1. Does anyone have the Arista vEOS 4.13.X images?
  2. Does anyone have older versions of vEOS? (4.13.X)
  3. Anyone have an old version of Arista vEOS? One that is more lightweight and doesn't require 2GB of RAM?
  4. Does anyone have an active link for older, more lightweight versions of vEOS? The newer ones all require 2GB of RAM.
  5. What Arista versions do you have? I need the older 4.13 images.
  6. Apparently the RAM requirements were lower with the older versions, which is super important for me. I can't seem to find any available for download - any chance one of you guys could share?
  7. Azarias59

    Versa SD-WAN

    I'm looking for this as well.
  8. I love how lightweight IOU images are, and then seem to cover most of my needs except with SDN. I wonder if we will ever see IOU images released with vEdge or Cisco DNA code; alternatively, IOU versions of NX-OS. Have there been any interesting developments in the IOU space over the past 2 years? Are there new images worth getting?
  9. The INE videos are so dry. Any chance we could get a CBT Nuggets series download posted?
  10. Any chance I could get the CBT Nuggets videos? I don't want to buy a subscription now because there is a new CCNP Collab coming out next year with a new course.
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