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  1. I have just discovered, that it is very easy to remove watermark from PDF file. You need to use `pdftohtml` Linux command, and then from outputed HTML file, you need to remove one line per page, which include watermark. Not sure if images are watermarked.
  2. OffSec is not using image, but they put text watermark, that is mixing with "real" content on the page.
  3. [Hidden Content]
  4. nothing here
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. Could someone upload Code Review materials from PentesterLab: [Hidden Content] ?
  7. I don't think so that anyone has prepared "pack" with VMs for PWK, but there are some VMs on HackTheBox or in VulnHUB, that could be helpful for the mastering knowledge acquired in this training. Example list: [Hidden Content] And to answer you question about differences between VMs for AWAE and PWK. Them are totally different, as the goals are different. In AWAE you are getting credentials to admin/root of VM, as you are about to perform source code analysis (whitebox approach), and on PWK you need to do enumeration and hack the VM from blackbox perspective. In PWK lab you have about 54 VMs to hack in different "networks".
  8. This one works for me: [Hidden Content]
  9. ajes


    First downloaded rar file, shows that this is PDF and year is 2017.
  10. ajes


    Could you upload it to mega.nz?
  11. ajes


    I have passed OSCP.
  12. Search the forum, there is one PDF+video share. It is old, but still "current".
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