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  1. Download the file from here [Hidden Content] To get the corrections, please follow the following thread: [Hidden Content]
  2. Dear Wang, Please go the configuration described on following link: [Hidden Content]
  3. Dear Wang, Ni hao. 1. Labeled Unicast 2. RIB Group 3. set protocols bgp group PE2 family inet6-vpn set protocols mpls ipv6-tunneling 4. By default, a packet's loss priority can be either low or high A packet's loss priority can be set using classifiers or policers. if you need some explanation, don't hesitate.
  4. Exam was relatively difficult, i have dumps already shared on this forum but are u asking for 661 or 691?
  5. MPLS-forwarding is the correct answer because routing policies as well as VPNs should work as expected so LSPs will be added to inet.0 but only for forwarding purpose, not for routing
  6. Thanks bro... also congrats to you for the same
  7. Thanks man I attempted exam two times, first on 20/10/16 and failed with 61% and for the second time today on 23/10/16 passed with 83%. The 65 questions are exactly same as dumps shared by me but answers need to be figured out before going for exam.
  8. I totally agree. answer is R4 as it have redundant links to the source.
  9. Dears, just passed the exam. Thanks for your support.
  10. I passed JN0-661 exam today. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to ask.
  11. No prob dear, the answer is D as i tested this scenario on MX routers last night and circuit didn't come up til i didn't configure output-vlan-map swap parameter on both sides
  12. RR will reflect routes from R1 to R5 as it has ebgp session with R1 so B is correct RR will also reflect routes from R2 to R5 as R2 is not part of cluster group hence doesn't fall under "no-client-reflect" configuration so C is also correct
  13. a lot, half of the answers are wrong
  14. Answer is C as Bootstrap priority will always be preferred over Auto-RP (tested on MX routers last night)
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