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  1. Do you have access to the ipservices version?
  2. Requesting c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE12.bin. Thanks.
  3. They just updated. Revision: Version 9.1(7)15 – 03/09/2017 Files: asa917-15-smp-k8.bin, asa917-15-k8.bin Defects resolved since 9.1(7)13: CSCut07712 ASA - TO the box traffic break due to int. missing in asp table routing CSCut09459 incorrect failover status for contexts via SNMP CSCuv61791 CWS redirection on ASA may corrupt sequence numbers with https traffic CSCva31378 ASA treaceback at Thread Name: rtcli async executor process CSCvb52157 viewer_dart.js file not loading correctly CSCvb92548 ASA matches incorrect ACL with object-group-search enabled CSCvc05005 ASA cluster TCP/SSL ports are not displayed on LISTEN state CSCvc14502 ASA multicontext disallowing new conns with TCP syslog unreachable and logging permit-hostdown set CSCvc33796 Implement speed improvements for ACL and NAT table compilation CSCvc36535 ASA traceback in Thread Name: ssh, rip igb_disable_rx_queues after no shutdown of interface CSCvc52072 Webvpn portal not displayed corrrectly for connections landing on default webvpn group. CSCvc52272 ASA inspection-MPF ACL changes are not getting ordered correctly in the ASP Table CSCvc52504 ASA may traceback with Thread Name: Unicorn Admin Handler CSCvc52879 Reloading Active unit in Active/Standby ASA failover pair is not triggering a failover. CSCvc55974 ikev2 handles get leaked in a L2L setup CSCvc58272 ASA incorrectly processing negative numbers in wrappers, resulting in graphical webvpn issue CSCvc60254 SIP: 200 OK messages with multiple seqments not reassembled correctly CSCvc62556 Traceback in ASA Cluster Thread Name: qos_metric_daemon CSCvc79371 ASA nat pool not getting updated correctly. CSCvc87914 ASA traceback and Reload on Config Sync Failure CSCvc88411 1550-byte block depletion seen due to Radius Accounting packets CSCvc93947 ASA( entries created for multicast streams through standby ASA. CSCvd01736 L2TP connects only sometimes when DHCP used CSCvd21154 5585 does not unbundle its data intfs for 30 seconds after leaving cluste CSCvd23471 ASA may traceback while loading a large context config during bootup
  4. Anyone happen to know what the release notes are on these? I haven't seen them posted by Cisco, so I'm really hesitant to upgrade without knowing what changed.
  5. An ASA? I doubt this code runs on GNS3.
  6. enjoy [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. I use adblock, so I don't really get any of those fake download buttons fortunately.
  8. Seconded. Are these dumps valid? Anyone know? [Hidden Content]
  9. May I ask what the reason for the low revision requirement? I may be able to get my hands on it if I open a TAC case. I usually just find a random WLC on Ebay or something and find a picture with the Serial Number on it and then ask Cisco to help me out.
  10. [hide][Hidden Content]] released oct 12 2016
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