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  1. i was referring to GB buddy since this word is forbidden here man( got my comment removed twice tbh) and the man wanted a valid dumb site and to start a GB and he posted my link that i sent him so i want nothing but to help others cheers man
  2. They are super valid & i recommend you Pm (Deathdodger)
  3. dumb has lot of wrong answer btw i suggest u follow the correction too
  4. only pdf check it out in the page around 10, 9 or 8 i think
  5. will start studying this dumb i hope i take the exam this week
  6. yes & their dumbs are super valid as many claim
  7. Congratz bro on passing how much new questions you got in the exam? or all were from the 155 dumb regards
  8. he did on the previous page check it out
  9. thank you keep us updated kindly
  10. can you share the corrected ones kindly ?
  11. i think spoto has the most valid dumbs to buy from
  12. Kindly does your friend encounter all of the questions that were in 155q dumb ? if so then we start correctiog those questions so i hope you ask him directly regards
  13. gratz on passing sir how much score u got in the exam ? cuz i need to take this exam asap and was there any wrong answers in the dumb? regards
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