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  1. hi do u still have it???? i am interested in this
  2. need CCNP vouchers. 300-208. message me if u have it????
  3. I Need CCNP vouchers. please message if still available
  4. as previous users informed. you can rUn cable diagnostics in cisco switches, it will tell the distance of cables as well it is connected. command test cable-diagnostics tdr int gig 1/0/1 after a minute, put below command to see the result show cable-diagnostics tdr int gig 1/0/1 Note: Dont Run when active user connected on it, it will bounce the port.
  5. reset happends for lot of reasons, i faces issues with bad certificates which triggered the resets. enable the telnet or ssh on the ap. and check the show logs and paste it here. it will help to narrow down
  6. Try the meraki... Even they have a option for Billing system. Refer the Below URL. Its dashboard has cool features, which makes the job easy. [Hidden Content]
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