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  1. Hey Krat0s good job. What did you use to study for the lab?
  2. I will take the Lab soon so if you can add me as well
  3. I don't have paypal and they don't take bitcoin. Not sure about the site to use my CC. But I'm willing to help out and try it.
  4. You gotta remove the "." at the end.
  5. @tayeforever How do you remove the watermarks? Tell how and you'll get more credibility. You are asking someone to trust you out of nothing and that's hard. @certdude865c did something for the community for free which help a lot of people so that's why he was willing to trust him. I think we need someone of trust with time to create a .vce or maybe an organization besides spoto releases their own for less then $50 not the crazy $400 amount. Another option might be if a group of people kinda of like a GroupBuy gets together with @routerbgp22 and types all the questions and then shares them. But then again the problem is trust. So it may have to be some of the long established people here.
  6. Oh that's not good and $800 is an insane amount. The only solution might be for someone to make a .vce file out off their .pdf file
  7. It is C & D by packet they mean using IP protocol, so that rules out A & B.
  8. icebreaker101010 gave you the right answer a "reprint" is just that printing the same copy and putting the book on circulation "new copies" on the other hand a new edition means changes. This is the same book nothing has change at all.
  9. Great job! Thanks. But just an advice for some (mainly people that can afford it) I recommend buying the physical book. I'm on of those that believe knowledge should be free or under $30. But this books requires so much page flipping that it only works as a hard copy. I know some of our not rich country friends can't buy it, so this option has to do. Hopefully the international version becomes available soon so it can be more affordable for all.
  10. If we can please share this... I will be working on BGP next week. Can we start another group buy? And just share it with everyone.
  11. Hey, here you go. [hide][Hidden Content] (use uploaded.ch) If link doesn't work use this [Hidden Content]]
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