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  1. This is actually they training. It is much more updated than Pentesters Academy and includes both Android and iOS material [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Thanks for sharing. But that's actually not it. What you posted is Pentesters Academy training.
  3. From PDF, it depends how the text watermark was made. For video, it is more difficult. It depends where the watermark is. Sometimes it is not possible at all.
  4. So if it is text it is even more easy to remove
  5. So if it is text it is even more east to remove
  6. Image based watermarks from PDFs can be removed in one click with some color manipulation in one of the PDF tools out there....
  7. The course on PentesterAcademy and Attify is the same. BTW, this training is not available anymore @ PentesterAcademy
  8. Thanks! Could you please share alternative link to [Hidden Content](english version) ?
  9. Seeding? What for? codernonxf6 doe not have more then 41%. It stopped downloading for him at 41% like for the rest of us.
  10. Thanks codernonxf6. Do you have %100 of the archive ?
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