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  1. I would recommend SumatraPDF to open .epub files. However, if you are importing this file onto either an iPad or iPhone via iTunes then the Book app is good to go.
  2. I had checked out several INE's Intro videos and I am just not impressed with their instructors. If I am going to do videos which I will then I'd rather wait for CBT Nuggets CCIE videos. The instructors there are much more lively and thorough than INE's instructors.
  3. I don't know how valid this is. PCNSA-Exam-Dumps (2020).pdf
  4. I am in but it won't be this fall for me to take the lab. However, I will enroll in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Boot Camp by Micronics. Narbik Kocharians is one of the best instructors and authors I had noticed.
  5. Please tell me more about the SCOR 350-701 voucher.
  6. Can someone upload the FULL version of INE CCNP-and-CCIE-Enterprise-Core-ENCOR-350-401 by any chance?
  7. If you have CBT Nuggets membership then I highly recommend the F5 BIG IP training videos on there. Keith Barker is an awesome instructor for that course.
  8. I did mentioned 'FULL COPY OF VIDEOS AND TOPICS OF THE SERIES' right? Did you know other downloads have many missing videos, right?
  9. Thanks for the share, Williambaba. Would you kindly, by any chance, share the full copy of videos and topics of the series below? INE CCNP Enterprise (350-401 ENCOR) INE CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0
  10. [Hidden Content] Any kind soul care to share? Because sharing is absolutely caring!!
  11. Thanks, man! This will definitely help with my PCNSE exam this June.
  12. I know he teaches on Micronics Training. I took his 10 weeks CCNP R&S course training online. As for his recorded videos, you can contact him directly on LinkedIn.
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