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  1. We also need these. OSv - 15.7(3)M (New) IOSv L2 - 15.2.1 (06.2018) (New) IOS XRv - 6.1.3 image IOS XRv 9000 - 6.5.1 image (New) (NOT BUNDLED, must be installed from the VIRL Software page in the UWM) CSR 1000v - 16.9.1 XE-based image (New) NX-OSv (Nexus 7000) NX-OSv 9000 9.2.3 (Nexus 9000) (New) (NOT BUNDLED, must be installed via UWM > VIRL Software) ASAv 9.9.2 (New) CoreOS 1632.2.1 (New)
  2. Hello all, Is anyone able to kindly upload all of the very latest VIRL images? (came out last week) Many thanks
  3. You're right, the answer is to set it to 1000.
  4. The link I posted is the most valid. Search Google, you will find it no problem.
  5. There are always jobs for qualified wireless technician
  6. Search for this file Cisco.PracticeTest.200-310.v2016-08-05.by.Aaron.250q.vce
  7. Thanks to whoever is seeding this. Would someone kindly point me in the right direction for the remainder of the files? Many thanks.
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