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  1. Know how to create VDO and mount it persistently Know how to assign correct selinux context to nfs/httpd/apache. Do the following in order: Do all the questons that ask you to partition - reboot after Do all questions that ask you to mount/make persistent mount - reboot after Do the rest later.
  2. Would appreciate if someone could share.
  3. Well I got my Linux cert, and then selectively applied for Linux related positions. Jobs without experience is hard to come by so I had to wait until I got something. It's a long way til I get sysadmin designation but this tier2 support is a start. Planning to stick around 2 years before moving on to better things (hopefully admin)
  4. sorry to hear about your experience, I hope it goes better next time, If you don't mind me asking - what mark did you get / 300? Also any other exam hints are appreciated. have you tried to see if the system boots to GUI by typing startx?
  5. Yes, Please @mavis, if you could that'd be super.
  6. Anyone tried the exam and is this dump it?
  7. initramfs

    RHCA exams

    I haven't found any interest after getting RHCSA, so I'm doing RHCE and possibly AWS and Puppet cert. Come at me bro..I have got the right certs.
  8. I'm interested..but I have a feeling someone already bought them off you?
  9. How do you approach your job search? Do you use recruiters? Have many versions of resume/cover letters? Do you dread interviews and how do you handle them? Any tips for IT job seekers with little/no experience?
  10. Second this..if OP is even taking requests.
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