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  1. Lab will b completely changed better to see new training videos.
  2. Teacher is Rohit Perdasani ... who d't know how to teach i think he should learn from Khawar But.
  3. Please can some one share in google drive please
  4. Dear please delete the link else again all data will be deleted
  5. can you please delete your reply otherwise again it will be deleted
  6. Thanks Bro ... keep smile ... by mistke he did not read.
  7. Dear please can you upload the CCIE Collaboration & Wireless pls
  8. if you have downloaded then please share because i did not find.
  9. Dears Please can some one share the Khawar Butt CCIE Collaboration videos. Thanks and Best Regards
  10. Please can some one share the CCIE Wireless Course By Khawar Butt ? Thanks and Best Regards
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