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  1. No one who downloaded the file, is not willing to share
  2. I would appreciate if someone could hand fortynorthsecurity Courses material like Intrusion Operations or Initial Access Operations out to comunity. [Hidden Content]
  3. had anyone passed The OSWE Exam.would be appreciate if someone could leave a messesses here so that other people those who are preparing to sit oswe exam.
  4. I would be grateful if someone could update DSO.opvn file to connect to openvpn server. thanks alot
  5. I am pretty sure The rtO couse is much better than PTX and Pentester academy Courses.
  6. May I know that how to I use ewptx vm opening port 80 ? how do I access other services mentioning in the lab. thanks
  7. please help to reupdate to mega. none of the download link are working anymore
  8. could somone help to upload none these updated link were working.thanks.
  9. please share it if possible
  10. I would be grateful if someone help to upload to community.thanks
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