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  1. Hi guys, i have an interview after few days, can someone share the relevant material with me thanks
  2. meduza , if you are using neighbor xxxx default-originate, then just redistribute ospf 1, it will be fine but my suggestion will be that if you use default-information originate under bgp with redistribute ospf 1 match internal external 2, then u dnt need distribute list in R18 and R15/16 as then there will be no rib-failure (use command sh ip bgp rib-failure) for verification we used metric type 1 on R18 ,because as u know R17 is generating default route and default route is always E2 which is advertise in jamesons Dc as well, so the task says that network and should use backdoor link, so we advertise as E1 routes towards R15/16 by using redistribute bgp 65002 subnets metric-type 1 and while using redistribute ospf 1 match internal external 2 command on r15/16, it will automatically filters the route because we advertise that route as E1 from R18 also if u use redistribute ospf 1 match internal external command on r15/16, which will allow E1 and E2 routes, then u will need to block network through prefix-list ip prefix-list BLOCK deny ip prefix-list BLOCK DENY ip prefix-list BLOCK permit le 32 and apply as below neighbor prefix-list BLOCK out , same for R16 so the moral of the story is that there are multiple ways to achieve this task but i will suggest you guys to use metric-type 1 on R18 then allow redistribute ospf 1 match internal external 2 an advertise default-information originate under bgp
  3. show me your R15/16 configuration, and dnt use redistribution under bgp in R18 and 57, its of no use because of summary only command, all routes will be suppressed except and networks which we actually leaking through unsuppress map
  4. too implement below solution , as required in task u need to advertise the tag on R50 51 52 53 54 conf t router ospf 1 redistribute eigrp 1 subnets ! router eigrp JACOBS address-family ipv4 uni aut 1 topology base redistribute ospf 1 metric 10000 100 255 1 1500 ! exit route-map DENY deny 10 match tag route-map DENY permit 20 router ospf 1 distribute-list route-map DENY in do wr so for example in R50 below will be configuration R50 conf t route-tag not dotted-decimal route-map tag permit 10 set tag router eigrp CCIE address-family ipv4 uni aut 10 topology base distribute-list route-map tag out same for all 51 52 53 54
  5. no, but i will suggest you guys not to attempt that
  6. hi max i already shared above
  7. thanks all, i have seen one post from a guy who also got H2 and he explained amazingly everything . that is why i opted not to write anything about it
  8. @dorbhm . for me everything worked smoothly with no bugs at all.very few things were preconfigured . and whatever was configured was incomplete. so i didnt rely on preconfiguration and try to complete each task by myself. only i didnt touch CE 55 56 and 58
  9. finally i would like to inform you guys that i have passed the exam finally !!!! TS2 ticket 1 no passive interface vlan 2000 and 2001 on sw400 andsw401 ! action forwar on sw400 and 401 ! lease infinity on R40 ! user 4 int e0/0 no sh ! ticket 2 SW111 int vlan 2001 ip ospf 1 area 0 ! R14 and R15 neighbor DC1 next-hop-self ! ticket 3 SW101 int e1/2 no ip ospf cost 1 ! R12/13 no access-list 101 and 102 before correction was below access-list 101 permit ip access-list 102 permit ip and below is corrected one access-list 101 permit ip access-list 102 permit ip ticket 4 set local-preference 300 on R21 tiket 5 R14/60/51 ip ospf network point-to-multipoint ticket 6 show ipv6 route connected and copy the network for vlan2001 on SW111 and advertise it under R15 ipv6 ticket 7 R1 int lo0 ip ospf 1 area 0 R5 correct route-target export 65005:5 (its better to check R3 R4 R5 R6 before making changings) ! on few devices mpls label protocol ldp was configured, i found R2 with mpls ldp router-id lo0 so decided to paste below conf on all devices which is R3 R4 R5 R6 mpls label protocol ldp mpls ldp router-id lo0 ticket8 ip dhcp relay information trusted on Sw300 and Sw301 change lease to infinity on R30 ticket 9 correct tunnel key on R71 tunnel key 10000 ticket 10 both nat statements were there , but incomplete we need to telnet loopback address on R25 and R24 as well) network ( dnt remember the ip of it) so i change the nat command as below ip nat inside source static tcp server2_ip 23 23 ip nat outside source static of R70 e0/0) ip of output (which can be seen in sh users in question) this ip was also present on R24 so i remove the nat statements there and added the above commands there as well diagnostic hsrpv2 shut down CE2 multicast R2 was missing rp route configuration H2
  10. kindly answer my request as well, feedback for TS ?
  11. hi congrats, nice to see our colleagues are getting the number. can u share your tshoot experience as well
  12. kindly contact me in PM for further plan thanks, time is to too short
  13. hi Guys, hope you are well. anyone going for exam in this month or start of August .kindly update..thanks
  14. hi there have u already given the exam ?
  15. pen pencil and paper will be on table... water tea coffee will be available...you can write down everything and save on notepad
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