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  1. Would appreciate if you could upload the PDFs only. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your effort. Could you also upload RH442 RedHat Enterprice System Monitoring and Performance Tuning. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for informing us. This dude always includes JUNK files into his archives. Presumably, the dude collects more hotfile points with larger files. I also downloaded one file uploaded by this dude which was over 100 MB. The PDF was only 5 MB, and there was a dummy file over 100 MB in size. Furthermore, Kaspersky Internet Security complained that the dummy file was infected. Hope you have got an anti virus software installed on your computer. You should be careful with files uploaded by this dude. I do not download files from this dude anymore.
  4. If you are blocked you should use a proxy server. Thanks to the uploader.
  5. There is a contact e-mail at the blogspot, and I have sent an e-mail to find out whether RH200 has been uploaded. However, I have not received a reply. You could try your luck by contacting the dude.
  6. He/She is posting links from another site most of which are outdated. You should download wisely. The links appear to be from the following URL: [Hidden Content] Unfortunately, the content is not clear. According to the CBT nuggets web site both CCSA and CCSE are R65. CCSA R70 and CCSE R70 are listed as "upcoming". You can assume that this is R65 provided the content is Check Point CCSA NGX R65.
  7. I downloaded it from the following URL: [Hidden Content]
  8. Thanks for sharing "Accelerated NCDA Boot Camp Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode". It is a good.
  9. All, CCNP 2: Remote Access Lab Companion from 2004. It is useless.
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