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  1. Hello, Anyone can re-upload it. Thanks.
  2. Hello. Could you please re-upload this training. BR
  3. Hello. Exam release has been updated to RHOSP 8.
  4. @fdvalero : You can upload it to mega.nz I would advise to use RHEL instead of CentOS. You can go for a evaluation subscription from Red Hat. We are waiting for your upload. Best regards
  5. Hello David. The newest Red Hat Openstack training material is based on red Hat Openstack Platform 8. Best regards, Abdelrahman
  6. @warlock79: I can buy hte material if someone offering it to sell. @Kawsar: I am looking for the Training student t book not the whole training class to be installed. Best regards
  7. Hello guys, I heard that Red Hat changed Red Hat Openstack exam (EX210) to be on Red Hat Openstack version 8.0 instead of version 6.0. I would like to ask you if you have the new updated student book with version 8.0 as my current one is version 6.0. I am tied up with limted time to pass the exam, so your help will be much appreciated. Book code will be something like CL210-RHELOSP8.0-en-x-YYYMMDD. Thank you in advance.
  8. Yes, I did try more than one download manager but all of them was not work fine. Guys, could you please re-upload it. Thanks.
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