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  1. Well I am not sure what was required. Are both options possible in exam ?
  2. Hi, my point of view (as I also failed my attempt on CFG part): for 1. and 2. I did the same. for 3. and 4. I had problems: I am sure that configure all global and port configuration but I was still having problem with authentication and consequently dot1x PC was not getting IP. I did all ISE config at onece but probably not disabling radius suppress was main problem (also on dot1x PC not able to view config of ethernet adapter neither enable/disable of adapter was not working. For R1 SSH task I added AD into ISE, test user admin1 and authentication was succesfull but I did't get Lab_admin as group for authetication result under groups output. Any idea why ? for 5. I did static IP config on AP and it was fine (also DHCP pool with option 43 should be good for that).
  3. Hi, It could be tricky question regarding protected sources. From my prospective I think that they want from candidate to configure network statment with /0 wild card . Altrough it is trough that just enables eigrp on interface and automaticly take into consider mask of interface whic is on that network. Without route map you can not filter what will be advertised in IGP. Only thing that could ai think for not getting points here if you put statment for 10/8 network without mask whic would turn on eigrp on interfaces with 10.x IP. Also using passive interface command makes you save regarding eigrp updates on that inter. But as you pointed out details can be critical for getting (or losing) points and passing exam. But if you will figure out some other options please share with us.
  4. does someone (maybe MrR0bot or Rahul) help to tehnicaly understand things in two question from Diag part (or in other words - what should output look like for those questions) : Task Number 5: Scanned events issue with FireAMP Connector --> in which case can right answer be " Cloud has incorrect next hop" ? Task Number 6: Unable to add a device into DNAC --> in which case NTP should be disabled for right answer ?
  5. Hi MrR0b0t, in your post I see that you add specific authentication policy for each task based on NAS IP and flow type. Is that required for getting all points or can also just default authentication policy set can be used as it covers all auth requirments in general ? Also for endpoint groups you define custom one for MAB PC which you used in authorization rule ? Do you think that lab proctor are expecting that candidate create custom one or is it also fine if pre-defined (like workstation) is used ?
  6. Is paasing score 909 permanent ? Why is set so high ?
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