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  1. Is there someone who crack this exam in this week ?
  2. Hi Arasu, Is there any telegram group for VMware Certification help?
  3. Could you please help me to get these 18 questions? or share the link
  4. 2V0-41.19 Is this exam dumps still valid?
  5. Hi All, Any fresh update on this... someone cleared this exam recently ?
  6. Who is going to take this exam in upcoming days, I want to do study along with that.
  7. You can download using the torrent link [Hidden Content]
  8. Is there any skype group for CCIE DC v2.1 ?
  9. Hi, Can someone suggest a good configuration laptop or desktop with proper description of processor, ram, hard disk, make of devices(brand).
  10. actually the ticket which i received, DMVPN was up and problem with the OSPF, as OSPF was working fine, all loopback and Tunnel interface was in OSPF and point to multipoint was already configured but neighborship was down, I have taken 2 hrs but no solutions, no ACL and all. so I was looking that, may be which variation i have received is not the same as you.
  11. Congrats bro .... can you please share the IOU files which you have.
  12. Can you please tell me how did you solve last two tickets in Tshoot and Multicast sections where R17 as RP and SW3 n SW4 is not going to use pim?
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